About Apt Mobile Solutions

We are an ICT company dedicated to improving the services and work flow of small, medium and large organisations. We offer a range of services to our numerous clients and we pride ourselves in realising effective solutions.

We have been simplifying processes for organisations for quite sometime now so, be rest assured we know what we are doing.

Our beginning was one filled with purpose and determination. We set out to meet a rising need in many organisations today - which is the need to incorporate ICT into daily processes of such organisations. Been determined, we have been able to implement varying solutions from simple to complex (yes, very complex) solutions within organisations such as generating documents and putting into a work flow for verification within an organisation (paperless process), creating applications that deal with inventory systems, e-commerce functionality and order tracking and iPhone apps for access to remote databases.

Our work environment is great, relaxed and fun. We believe in driving our staff to attain their full potentials thereby delivering quality products and services to our numerous clients.