We love to share

We believe that knowledge is power. Better still, it is better to get understanding. Therefore, we want to pass down all the years of experience we have gained to the developers-in-training that will be joining us. We have setup a creative and innovative environments to inspire us all.

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Let's help get you started

Not neglecting the days of little beginning, getting farther at times requires a little push.

Experienced and Enthusiastic

We love what we do. Problem solving is the core of what we do. As experienced professionals, we always have our problem solving hats on and deliver quality solutions. We can pass on this experience and better still, help to get you fired up with our own passion for problem solving.

Built for the Responsive Web

We follow the trend so we can stay relevant and our solutions are cutting edge. The use of mobile devices in accessing content has seen a rise in recent years. We ensure you know what it takes to cater for this change and build solutions in anticipation of such changes.

Tailored Delivery

No two people are the same. We understand that Information Technology is wide and we are all passionate about different things. Knowing where your passion lies and your strength will get you where you need to be. Our trainings are centered around the developers-in-training so as to deliver quality techniques and methodology to assist you.

Explorative Learning Environment

What better way to learn that having fun? Using real world scenarions and carefully selected tutorials, we make the learning experience fun and fulfilling. We believe passionate things should be great fun while its been done.

Dates, Times, Fees, Requirements & Benefits

Our goal is to focus on every developer-in-training that joins us. To do this, we have designed the programme to use the following model:

  • Only 8 spaces available per programme
  • Each programme will have 4 - 5 intensive sessions that will run on Saturdays only
  • Each session will run from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Each session will provide participants with wifi access and dedicated chair and desk
  • Participants are to bring their own laptops
  • Each participant is expected to be computer literate already
  • The introductory price for the programme is N50, 000
  • Introductory period only lasts from now till 9th January, 2019 then fees become N80, 000
  • Certificate of attendance and completion will be issued after the programme
  • Participants will be able to book access to the developer center based on availability
  • Best participant per programme will be given a 3 month paid contract with the organisation which is renewable subject to performance
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to learn using real world scenarios
  • The first programme will be starting 12th January, 2019
  • Programme will run for a 4 - 5 week period with a 2 week break in between.
  • Bank Details: GT Bank, Apt Mobile Ventures, 0010816063.